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Üyelik zamanı: 2 yıl (6, Eylül, 2019)
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Yer: http://www.gm-tableware.com/
Site Adresi: http://www.china-waterbottle.com/food-container/square-food-container/
Hakkında: Our History
Established in the year of 2015, Barty was committed to the R&D of vascular intervention including cardiovascular and peripheral system. Our product line includes: paclitaxel-eluting catheter, introducer sheath, angiography catheter, guide catheter,Hp ptca& pta balloon catheter as well as DES,BMS etc. By far, We have got CE certification, ISO13485, free sale certification, dozens of patents on our products, and started to promoting to the domestic and overseas markets.
Our Factory
With the building area of 5,000 square meters, our factory is a Million level purification (local hundred level) clean workshop in line with the "GMP" requirements, in which equipped with our professional facilities and workers. Most of them are in the field for decades under the directions of our best senior engineer.
Our Product
Paclitaxel eluting PTCA balloon catheter, Introducer sheath set, angiography catheter, guide catheter, balloon catheter for coronary and peripheral systems and other vascular interventional devices.
Product Application
Our products are applicable in the vascular intervention of coronary and peripheral system
Our Certificate
CE certification, ISO13485,CFDA
Production Equipment
Balloon-forming machine, Laser welding machine,Laser lettering machine,P&C lab,etc
Production Market
By far, we have partnership with countries of Finland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Ukraine, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, Iran, France, India, Nepal, Netherlands, Egypt, Hongkong etc.
Our service
Before sale, we will provide good consultation service
During sale, prompt follow-up will be provided
After sale, responsible and resolute to solve any concerning issues.Carotid Stent suppliers

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