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Üyelik zamanı: 2 ay (8, Mart, 8)
Tür: Kayıtlı kullanıcı
Tam adı: http://www.achinagranite.com/
Telefon Numarası (İsteğe bağlı): http://www.achinagranite.com/
Yer: http://www.achinagranite.com/
Site Adresi: http://www.achinagranite.com/
Hakkında: Xiamen MRD Stone Co., Ltd. Is an integral whole of manufacturer and trade company gathering mineral resources exploring, stone processing and exportation. Our products are widely popular in many countries. Our main products are: quartz stone, quartz slab, quartz countertop, quartz vanity top, and grantie products.
We has own factory, quartz factory and granite factory, which originally established in 1998, located in Nan’an city. The factories are not far away from Xiamen Haicang International Containers Port, having superior geographical position, rich mineral resources, extremely convenient transportation, usually just 40mins drive from xiamen airport. Our factories have advanced stone machine equipments, well-found kit, and perfect facilities.
During recent years, we export more than 1000 containers every year, and our capacity is like 1500 containers at this moment. We can insure delivery time for important projects, and also have strict quality control system and after-sale service system. We are living in the stone world with our soul and whole life.
We warmly welcome more and more friends from all over the world, who can visit us, who can work with us, who can become our long term friends. And you will find that it is really happy to work with us, we will not loose our face, never and ever.
                 Granite Slab factory

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